Invisalign – An Alternative

If you have just found out that either yourself or your child need braces then it can be a worrying time. Not only is dental treatment often expensive especially when it is an adult involved but it can also be a painful process both physically and mentally. The though of having braces and essentially having bits of metal over your teeth and showing to the whole world when you smile is not something that many people would readily sign up for. That being said, this kind of dental treatment is often a necessary procedure so it is recommended that you look for ways in which the treatment can be as harmless as possible and this is why many people are choosing Invisalign over traditional braces.

Basically these are braces and teeth alignment devices that do not look like big lines of metal in your mouth. If you have ever had the old style braces then these are very similar to the clear, plastic ones that you use to put on after the metal ones were taken out – just to keep the teeth in shape immediately after the braces were removed. However the technology has came on leaps and bounds since then and these clear braces do exactly the same job as the metal equivalent but without any of the physical features.

What you get is a custom fitted device that is specially designed for your teeth and your teeth alone. It will be moulded into the shape of your teeth and also in a way so as to straighten them like braces do using powerful 3D technology that wasn’t even around a few years ago. With Invisalign you can get straight teeth without having to go through any of the dental problems and brace fitting or, indeed, the aesthetic problems either.

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